Lemon Explosion Sheet Cake

Lemon Explosion Sheet Cake

Can you have too much lemon in a cake?  We say, "No!"  A light, fluffy, lemon cake with lemony American buttercream icing graced with fresh, mircoplaned lemon rind, this cake has a sweetness mixed with pungent citric acid that is sure to please!  


This cake differs frm the Lemon Liberty Cake in that it has a moist, dense texture more fudgy than the Lemon Liberty and it features American buttercream icing, not a boiled icing that is poured onto the cake hot and crusts.  


Serving tips: try this cake with strawberry slices, fresh rasperries, or blueberries.    

  • Health & Allergen Information

    This food is made in a home kitchen and is not inspected by the department of state health services or a local health department. This item contains wheat, eggs, and milk.